ESIM support in new iPhone, eSIM would do such work in India


Apple has launched the iPhone for the first time with Dual SIM support. However, the iPhone Xs with physical dual sim support will be launched in China only. Variants will be launched in India with e-SIM support. The first question that comes to your mind is that how e-SIM works. The concept of e-SIM for Apple is not new as the company last year gave e-SIM support to the Apple Watch Series 3 Cellular Edition.

Do i get two sim slots in iPhone Xs and Xs Max?
No. Only one physical SIM card can be installed in these smartphones.

Partnership with Airtel and Jio

Apple has partnered with Indian telecom company Airtel and Geo to give e-SIM in these iPhones . These telecom companies will already install SIM in the new models of the iPhone which you can not remove, as it will be a part of the phone.

Apart from this, you will be able to use a second SIM ie that you will be able to use two numbers. If you want you can also change the network of e-SIM and for that you will not even need to remove that SIM. That is, if you have bought an Airtel E-SIM iPhone and you want a Live E-SIM then you can do it.

What is eSIM?

Both work the same. But e-SIM is considered to be more affiant than ordinary physical SIM. Apart from this, you will not need to walk through a SIM. You can also use different data packs of two companies from E-SIM, you can use the calling plan and ke

When the number comes to a number, the second number will be busy. However, at any one time a call can be made to any number. The iPhone only uses one cellular data network at one time because it has a dual sim dual standby feature. Some dual SIM smartphones have dual sim dual active support, so they can use two netw align=”justify”>For a long time, Indian customers have been demanding an iPhone with dual SIM support. This time the company has done the same. After review, it will be interesting to see how this technology performs.