Diamond Towers and its LPP and MPD 2021 Connection

Antriksh Diamond Towers

Antriksh Diamond Towers shall be your home away from the busy city life giving you the peace and the calm that you had always wished for.

Diamond Towers is one of the most important development initiatives coming from the Antriksh Group in collaboration with the Diamond Multi State CGHS. This collaboration brings to you elegant and beautiful homes with customized housing plans. The Diamond Multi State Cooperative Group Housing Society has its headquarters in Dwarka and it has all its important members getting duly associated with the planning and the designing of all its projects.

Project Under Land Pooling Policy
Antriksh, in close association with Diamond Multi State CGHS has come up with Antriksh Diamond under the land pooling scheme that is widely being initiated in Delhi. By way of this scheme, developers acquire land from interested parties and potential farmers with land entitlement. These entities have their land titles cleared with the land being available for development purpose. Here, it is important to note that a part of the acquired land is retained by the owner and can efficiently be used for almost any purpose.

Master Plan Delhi 2021
All the important parameters of quality and requirements of the people have been duly considered in designing Antriksh Diamond Towers. It is also worth noting that the project has been designed following the principles of Master Plan Delhi 2021 by way of which the government entities are aiming to offer affordable homes to all individuals along with basic facilities and infrastructure like drainage, roads, power and water supply and proper connectivity. Apart from this, there would be some units allocated especially for the government officials and for the people belonging to the weaker sections of the society.Antriksh Diamond Tower