DAH greentech NX-ONE: a step-ahead modern space

NX-ONE Noida
With bigger expectations and wide dreams, DAH greentech group of builders is approaching the market with a project of 25 acres in Noida extension. With name NX-one, this group of builders is looking up for betterment providing the commercial spaces such like office place, retail places, clubs, food stations, etc. Plans and strategies have been adopted to maintain the international stature for NX-ONE.  Also, one of the key features is its minor distance between the proposed metro stations, which is just 500 metres away.
This Project: NX-ONE Noida is planned with all kind of modular facilities, promoting the 3G lifestyle, that is, a step forward to the modernisation. DAH NX-ONE project is expected to be one of the best and remunerative projects of NCR. The Project is designed not just for commercial spaces but also provides housing unit, hypermarket, multiplex, and office complex for IT and corporate.
DAH group has been working from several years developing nation beautifully.  Best of the qualities of this builder group include its highly satisfied client with great experience and most affordable prices. DAH Greentech NX-ONE, established with sustainable designs serve client an appreciable experience.
Some points over which the group has especially pondered over are listed as:
• Centralized air condition
• Planned entries and exits of space
• Provided space facilities for Gyms, ATMs, cafes, etc.
• Car parking lot
• Quality office space
Other than above mentioned, the list is never ending so as to experience.  There exists other that act as a pie to the beauty of project proposed plan such as a green park, conference hall, cafeteria, LAN connectivity, etc.