Comfortable Luxury Living In Revanta Officers Boulevard

Revanta Officers Boulevard
Do you like to live a luxurious life with your family with international amenities at your home? Revanta Officers Boulevard is the game changed in the world of real estate in the Delhi. The Revanta Officers Housing Scheme is created with the innovative facilities to bring the luxurious and located in the heart of the city. Delhi is one of the biggest city with a population of 1.83 Crores people are entering the city every year for various reasons that includes work, education, business and much more. Delhi will touch the mega population of 2.28 Crores in the year 2023 so this real estate master plan is designed to handle the glitches that would arise in the gargantuan population.
With introducing comfortable luxury and coupled with quality construction design makes the Revanta Officers Boulevard the unique choice for enjoying the life in the city without hassle. Revanta Multi State Cooperative Group Housing Society brings you the new affordable and amazing Officers Housing Scheme that would aspire living government officers to have a hassle free and luxurious life.
Salient Luxurious Features:
Officers Boulevard brings you the spacious and luxurious living with 60% open area of landscaping parks. Innovatively designed landscaped areas would bring you more joy and entertainment along with your family. Of course, the Revanta Officers Boulevard would increase your standard life in the society with the luxurious living. Getting 24 hours power backup and water supply for every apartment is quite prominent so that it would be quite useful for enjoying more benefits. Boulevard style landscaping are innovatively planned and designed for the Revanta Officers including government sector officer, retired officers, state government officers, DRDO, bank officers, police officers as well as government teachers.