Buy affordable house in Delhi with Delhi Adhikari Awas Yojna

Delhi Awas Yojna
Buying a house in Delhi is a dream of many individuals. Delhi is a national capital of India and is the heart of every Indian. The city is a great place to live. There are many governments as well as private working sectors in Delhi the city offer many business and job opportunities. Delhi has a maximum number of government offices. The officers in the government as well as private sectors spend their whole life serving in Delhi. Through their life, they live in government or private quarters and enjoy the embellishments offered by the organization. Buying a house post-retirement becomes a tricky situation for them as the prices of house in Delhi are skyrocketing.
This is the reason why the government has declared Delhi Awas Yojna. It is a housing scheme offered for the government as well as private professionals. It is an affordable project in Delhi. With the help of this scheme, the officers can buy a perfect house for their retirement life. The scheme is proposed in the L-zone of Delhi. The area is the part of Delhi smart city scheme proposed by the government. The homes offered in the Delhi Awas Yojna are created considering the needs of officers. Buying a house in this scheme is a perfect option for them. The scheme is being developed in 22,979 hectares of area and is a part of Dwarka extension. The area comes in the middle of Gurgaon as well as South Delhi. 
The house in the Revanta Adhikari Awas Yojna also offers great amenities. The site is near to the international airport. The project offers Housing for all in Delhi. The project also offers amenities like security, good electricity supply, parking and so on. The project takes care of all these things. Investing in this project is a perfect option for the officers. The scheme will maintain their quality of life and help them live peacefully