Budget Raise of Noida by Rs 900 crores, Grants Funds for Jewar Airport Project

Budget Raise of Noida by Rs 900 crores, Grants Funds for Jewar Airport Project

The Noida Authority declared a budget of over Rs 5800 crores on Friday which is almost 900 crores more than the one authorized last year to propel the ongoing infrastructural progressions in Noida.

During the 196th board meeting of Noida authority, which is the last one before the Lok Sabha elections, Rs 5827 was allotted for the developments in the next financial year besides revising the current year’s budget.

The Authority besides providing Rs 1069.50 crores to the Jewar Airport Project, granted Rs 1423.51 crores for numerous other infra endeavors that are expected to be delivered till the 30th September. The Noida Authority has kept Rs 1474.67 crores exclusively for the civil engineering undertakings like the building and maintaining of bridges, upraised roads, underpasses, and drains.

As per decided in the board meeting, the authority granted 50% subsidy for the residential sectors on power bills in the first year and 25% for the second year. Apart from these, Rs 251 crores were allocated for the sanitation work, Rs 251.45 for health, Rs 431.13 crores for water, Rs 429.65 for electricity, and Rs 51 crores for smart traffic management to push Noida to greater heights.

The Noida Authority board also discussed the farmer’s land issues and decided to keep their desires in front of the state government. While GNIDA has already accepted the decision of the Supreme Court to distribute 10% of the developed land instead of land acquired by the farmers for urbanization and pay them 64% compensation, Noida is yet to approve this decision.

Moreover, the returning of 8500 sqm land to the farmers of Hazratpur, Wajidpur, Azgarpur Jagir, and Jhatta villages were also authorized by the board.