Affordable Housing Schemes For People With Economically Weaker Sections

Delhi Smart Cities

Currently, most landowners experience a lot of benefits under the Land Pooling Policy, first of all, landowners are eligible to surrender their property which means owners will get back around 40 to 60% in terms of developable land and rest of the land will be utilized for infrastructural development. The MPD 2021 is focused on the largest real estate growth.

Land Pooling Policy Projects:

However, it is mainly designed for accommodating around 10 million people at 1.6 million units. It is also close proximity to the proposed diplomatic enclave 2. First of all, Land pooling in Delhi developed to meet all the residential needs of people with the middle-class background. Most importantly, Land Pooling Policy Projects allows people to get ultimate benefits at pleasing rates.

In general, the land pooling policy was announced in 2013 even this policy and related terms also reviewed by the DDA because of speedy and easy execution. Dwarka Smart Cities project developer under the Delhi Land Pooling Policy allows people to experience the modern lifestyle.

Delhi Land Pooling Policy:

Generally, the land Pooling Policy Delhi offers affordable houses for economically weaker sections and the units under this policy shall be of the size of 32 to 40 sq mt. Even these residential units will be built on premises contiguous to the site. Normally, DDA has been working on different aspects based on the regulation.