Adam Gilchrist Give Reason for the Question behind the Famous Walk-Off From Field against Sri Lanka

Adam Gilchrist Give Reason for the Question behind the Famous Walk-Off From Field against Sri Lanka

Adam Gilchrist is known to be the eminent Australian cricketer and everyone loves his way to batting & wicket keeping. This Australian wicket-keeper one made his teammates get stunned by his wicket keeping process. The left-handed batsman has made many people to get stunned by his wonderful shots & it is always considered as a wonderful treat to view him batting. During the semi-final round of 2003 World cup which was held at Port Elizabeth, he did not give out even when he starched it while sweeping Aravinda de Silva into the Kumar Sangakkara hands.

Amongst all other memories associated with Adam Gilchrist, one major incident which nobody can forget is while the cricketer plays the match against the Sri Lanka team during the year 2003. Gilchrist has surprised many people when he walked away after touching the ball which later goes straight into the gloves of wicket-keeper. Though the umpire considered it as Not Out, he had walked far away from the field.

Reason behind the Famous Walk-Off From Crease against Sri Lanka

During the time of interview which was conducted recently, Gilchrist has talked regarding the appropriate reason behind it. Talking on Bob that was aired on the Fox Footy, he revealed about the incident which occurred during the earlier days of the cricket career & had left a huge impression on him. He revealed about the incident happened during the ordinary country-wide cricket tour that he went on during his younger days. It has made a lasting impression on his mind.

Gilchrist was yet to become as the famous international star them. He was one among the part of the tour with the mesmerizing Australian cricket academy below the mentorship of Ex Australian wicket-keeper Rodney Marsh. It had happened because while chasing the bowler, he was supposed to go back & played a cut shot and hence shattered it directly into the hands of the wicket keeper’s gloves but was given not out.

Gilchrist had recalled that when he was provided with Not Out, it had made all the fielders to get frustrated however the bowler does not provide any sort of reaction. After availing a wonderful opportunity, he tends to really play well & score the century. Although it was considered the happiest moment for him, he seems to feel very bad for the bowler. When times comes for apologizing him, the bowler said, oh do not get worried for it.

The previous incident seems to get stuck with him similar to the ‘dagger in the heart’. Walking away from the field at the time of match against Sri Lanka in Semis was considered as a way to suspend a bad memory from the head.

Oh! Do Not Get Worried For It

Gilchrist himself was greatly surprised for not being given out due to the heavy edge. He told all the fielders were annoyed by the decision made by the bowler which does not react much. This left-hander batsman made full of his life which he got & desires to hit a hundred in the match & when the bowler welcomed him for innings, Gilchrist was much embarrassed & revealed the same thing to the bowler.

However, the cricketer had apologized for the massive incident and feel very pity for it. The reply which came from the spinner has greatly hit Gilchrist. He said that oh do not worry about it. It obviously indicates that more to you at the moment compared to it does for me. However, the reply seems like a dagger in the heart of the Gilchrist. From that saying, Gilchrist has got a lesson for his life and hence manifested while he nicks the ball into the gloves of Sangakkara over a few decades later. These men got a more established name in the team and also consider beating the whole world at his will.

Though, Gilchrist has walked off.  Nobody has blamed him and there was no review system & the decision of umpire was considered to be final. Gilchrist had done what most of the batsman would not do and it was perhaps that dagger which got hit into his inner consciousness after several years ago. This was the answer he was given for the year-old big question.