About 500 Farmers Agree To Provide Their Land for Jewar Airport Project

About 500 Famers Agree To Provide Their Land for Jewar Airport Project

For the establishment of Jewar airport project, about 500 farmers now agree to give their agriculture land to the authorities. Even though land rates negotiation continues for the proposed international airport project in Jewar, over 500 farmers have agreed to surrender their land for the airport project, said by the district magistrate.

This was happened because of the effect of rehabilitation package offered by the YEIDA chairman Prabhat Kumar on August 25. The district magistrate said that around 500 farmers have agreed to hand over their lands so far and still talks going on. A section of farmers desired to get plots for the replacement of flats, which is provided as the parts of the land compensation package.

The YEIDA chairman who is negotiating with the farmers for the proposed airport land acquisition had agreed with the farmers wish. As per the new offer, the rehabilitation package offers Rs. 2300/sq.m for the agriculture land to be acquired from the farmers and provides residential plot and job for each farmer family.

The stamp duty and cash of Rs. 5.85lakhs has been offered to each farmer because the house construction funds are being negotiated.  According to the district magistrate, around 8600 individuals will affect 22000farmer families of six villages, which need to surrender their lands for this airport project.

On the other hand, the government of Uttar Pradesh is very keen on closing the land negotiations soon. The YEIDA chairman has also confirmed Rs. 800crore for the airport project in Jewar by the government in its first supplementary budget for the year 2018-19. Even though Government thinking of closing the negotiations, the farmers still continuing negotiation talks with the district administration officials.

Arun Vir Singh who is the CEO of YEIDA maintained that new offer concentrates on the rehabilitating the affected farmers in the integrated township according to their demands.  He also said that there is a compromise on rehabilitating the farmers of six villages as the urban sector in the surrounding area of the proposed airport.

This requires building the integrated township with all sorts of amenities including hospital, school, religious structures, panchayat affiliations, etc. In addition to, it also offers the residential plot in the urban area, which measures 50percent of the total residential plot belongs to every farmer.

Both District magistrate and Deputy Collection of Jewar are very confident of obtaining the consent from all the 8300 farmers. With the YEIDA chairman assurance on the resettlement packages, there is more positive response come from farmers in Jewar. Since the government fixed the August 31 deadline for hand over the land, we expect the positive result in the following days.