500 Farmers Hand over Land for the Jewar International Airport

500 Farmers Hand over Land for the Jewar International Airport

The mega airport is constructed very soon in jewar.  Recently, the farmers are willing to give the land for the jewar airport. Nearly, there are 500 farmers are given the land for the proposed international airport. They hand over the lands to the government. The YEIDA chairman Prabhat Kumar provides the package via the integrated township.

Still, talks are going on regarding the land. The lands in the place of flats are offered by means of the compensation package. The chairman consults with the farmers to give the lands for the airport project.  The government provides the new offer to the farmers who give the land for this project.

The government acquires the land of the farmers that comprises of Rs. 2,300 per square meter. The residential plot in the integrated township can be measured fifty percent of the complete residential plot. The farmers belong to the land can get the job that offered by the government.

They provide Rs. 5.85 lakhs to each farmer for the house construction purpose that consult with them. As per the government notification, there are 8,600 peoples affected from 2,200 families of the six villages. The six villages can be acquired for the mega airport project.

Sources manage:

The government manages the sources that closely the concession at the end of the August month. The chairman of Prabhat Kumar has bear out the budget clearance of Rs. 800 crore for the mega project that constructed by the government of Uttar Pradesh. The government provides an essential supplementary budget for 2018 to 2019.

The farmers continue to speak with the administration officials on Monday and Tuesday. The YEIDO CEO pays attention to the new offer. They are willing to provide the perfect offers for the affected farmers in the integrated township. They fulfill the farmer’s demands.

There is an agreement that beneficial for the farmers as the urban sector for the upcoming mega project. The government develops the integrated township with the necessary amenities like school, hospital, panchayat affiliation an others. They construct everything based on the prevalent. The government also offers the residential plot in the urban area.

The farmers give the land because of the increased compensation of the land. The farmers assure to offer the land to the state government. The land is acquired for developing the international airport in jewar. The district magistrate consults with the farmers for giving the land for the airport construction purpose. The government interacts with the farmers for the land acquisition.

 Farmers agree to give the land:

The magistrate assures the land of the farmer for this airport project. Depending on the interaction of the farmers, they offer the land to the state government for the international airport in jewar.  The government of Uttar Pradesh said that the project has been constructed in Gautam Budh Nagar. This is based on whether the farmers cannot give the land for the acquisition.

The district magistrate along with the YEIDA speaks with the farmers that relevant to the land acquisition in the dayanatpur village. After that, they visit the nangla chhitar and nangla sharif villages and look at the population. The people need the mosque and burial for the community.

The governments give the assurance for the mosque and burial for the required community in the perfect place. They said that the people never worry to give the land for the acquisition. They claim the increase of the land in the area that offered for the resettlement. The government assures that the farmers can quote at any amount for the land acquisition.

The farmers concern the future generation that it cannot benefit for them. It provides the best infrastructure to the area. The people get the excellent business opportunity in the area. The area covers the stunning schools, hospital, and others. The farmers make the right decision to hand over the land for the international airport project in Jewar.

Make the decision clearly:

The chairman recently visits the 100 farmers of six villages to clear the doubts of the project. They interact with the farmers to give the proper information about the land acquisition. They speak with the village heads and farmers regarding the land acquisition. On the other hand, the project also drops because the farmers are not able to give the lands for the international project.

This project faces many troubles due to the land acquisition. Only 500 farmers agree to hand over the land for the mega project. The district magistrate speaks with the remaining farmers for the land acquisition.  They increase the compensation for the farmers land.

The farmers demand the government job and home that very near to the proposed international airport project. The people get the land acquisition information in the online sites. The government makes the effort to get the land from the villagers. But, some villagers don’t able to give land for the mega project.

The villagers consider the different things for the future generation. The government speaks with the villagers in different forms for the purpose of getting the land. The project needs the better area at the city center. The government is able to fulfill the demands of the villagers who hand over the land.

Magistrate promise for the compensation:

The compensation amount is increased for every land. The district magistrate provides the detailed information about the land rated and others benefits involved in the land acquisition. If the farmers able to give the land, they must check the land rate, compensation amount and much more things about the project.

The government of Uttar Pradesh provides the excellent compensation to the villagers. They give the government job to each family. They try to convince the farmers to provide the land for the mega project. The land cannot be acquired without any approval by the state government.

The officials arrange the special meeting with the farmers for the land acquisition process, after that, they arrange the press meet and speak about the ongoing operation of the project.