16-year-old kid hacked Apple’s server, would be surprised

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An Australian child has been found guilty of cracking Apple ‘s security system, which says that Tech is a big fan of the legendary Apple and he hopes that one day he will work in this company.

This information is from media reports. Apple has given the information to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) about this incident, since then 16-year-old teenage is being prosecuted.

In the published report, ‘The Age’, the lawyer said, ‘Child, for legal reasons, whose name can not be taken, he infiltrated several occasions in his mainframe from his suburban home in the last one year, because of the company’s It was a huge fan.

This child, who is a student of a private school, and he allegedly saved information from Apple’s mainframe in the folder named ‘Hackney Hack Hack’. This kid kept his identity hidden while stealing data from Apple’s servers . Also, after hacking data and many other passwords, the child shares all the screenshots and information with the friends via Whatsapp app.

It was able to access Kishore Oraised Keys and see the customer account, and before downloading it, it had downloaded the data upto 90GB of secure files.

Although it is not yet clear what kind of data the customer has stolen, but the company claims that the personal data of the customer is safe. Since the child is a minor, his name has not been exposed. Child punishment will be pronounced on September 20.

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