Understanding Modern India’s Kamp Sir Syed Residency

Sir Syed Residency image
Kamp Sir Syed Residency is an upcoming smart city in to be situated in L-Zone Dwarka area in India. The project is being developed by KAMP Developers who intend to make it adhere to the set Delhi Master Plan – 2021. When completed the luxury elite township project will have 1,000 housing units in its first phase, and more houses will be developed in the following phases. This is one of the many upcoming smart city L-Zone projects that will revolutionize the way housing sector business is conducted in Delhi. The housing project is named after Sir Syed Ahmed Khan, who was a 19th Century Indian that balanced the spheres of religion, science and modernity.

The features of the apartment project

Like many upcoming L-Zone projects, the KAMP Developers are all about ensuring the smart city puts ICT at the core of its integration of science and religion. This means that the city will have many aspects of life, from governance to garbage collection, integrated into a single sourced system for ease of management. Some of the features of the Kamp Sir Syed Residency are as follows: 
•    Yoga facility
•    Gym
•    Swimming pool
•    Club house
•    Playground
•    Parking space
Creating generational balance
KAMP developers aim at the young Indian population and the budding generation of youths with immense potential. L-Zone Projects are mostly known to foster futuristic ideals for the young generation. However, Kamp Sir Syed Residency offers the opportunity to strike a balance between tradition and modernity in the Indian younger generation. The main themes of the smart city are modern thought, progress, and mental liberation to equip the younger generation with the necessary skills for not only thinking but action. Therefore, as the residents of the housing project get luxury they also get knowledge on how to develop in various spheres of life.