Smart City in Delhi: DDA L Zone Projects

Delhi Awas yojna
The idea of DDA L Zone Projects first came into the life when DDA declared Master Plan Delhi 2021. According to the program, Delhi Development Power suggested a new Place L in Dwarka which is located in South West Delhi. Since Delhi is the national capital and other individuals from all over India come to the town to seek career and live a better life. In the next 5 -6 years around 2 thousand everyone is anticipated to reach the main town, and due to this migration, large numbers of homes will be needed in future in Delhi to provide such a popular.
Keeping this in mind, Urban Development Secretary of state for Indian and DDA has made the decision to create new places in the external sections of Delhi. Among all the Zones, Dwarka L Zone Projects  like  Delhi Awas yojna  is probably the best in terms of location and connection. L Zone is also set to become the first smart town in Delhi.
Land Pooling is in the process in the region and once it is done DDA and other govt departments will begin to build basic facilities to improve connection and availability in the region. While creating highly modern locations in L Zone, DDA is also looking to protect natural sources and maintain the environmental balance of the region.
Aligning to the Master Plan Delhi 2021 objectives, it has famously been known as Delhi Smart City and many personal tasks in L Zone are under way according to the DDA’s Land Pooling Policy.
According to the Master Plan Delhi 2021 in L Zone, the Housing Societies has to be targeted around enhanced availability and connection both at the urban expansion and the non-urban places. Along with urban development, the focus of organisers in L Zone is to meet the objectives of enhanced facilities and maintenance of sources and ecosystem.
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