How Revanta Smart Homes Will Offer Better Living

The Revanta Multi State CGHS Society is one of the smart city projects in L-Zone area that are part of the India Development Master Plan – 2021. With the massive population explosion in Delhi, the city aims at managing its inefficiencies through the provision of better living and sustainability. The society will change the way people interact with the city through data sharing and address issues of human spaces. Revanta Smart Homes will also be energy efficient meaning there will be the use of greener energy sources to cut down on the depletion rates. While the residents will enjoy the ICT infrastructure, they will also be part and parcel of the new ideas for the betterment of the city.

The major features 

Revanta Multi State CGHS Society will have three main distinctive features;

    Good Infrastructure – The Revanta Smart Homes will have better information and
communication technology infrastructure. Access to amenities such as health and
transport infrastructure will be way easier.
    Good Governance
– Together with the other smart city projects in L-Zone the homes guarantee
residents of better representation in the government. The government services
will, therefore, be easily accessible. Through ICT integration, government
authorities can provide easier access to shopping, documents, trade and
The Revanta Smart Homes will make use of the modern technology in a judicious
way. It will also put up initiatives to protect the environment such as solar
and wind technologies for sustainability
Automation of services
Revanta Multi State CGHS Society will be a highly automated setting with high-end technological options for the residents. As the routing functions get automated, they will also be integrated with other smart cities projects in L-Zone area to provide essential amenities. The residents of the Revanta Smart Homes will also get fair and equal treatment
such that the available resources will be distributed equally to all. Learning will also be an integral part of the residency to ensure that more innovations are bred from the housing project. With more innovation comes human development that is then set to spread to other parts of the city.