Get Some Importance of The Foundation of Mox at Noida

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Today, Prime Minister Narendra Modi laid Mobil open exchange zone foundation at Noida. This year Uttar Pradesh government signed Mou to create as a tech zone. Prime Minister Narendra Modi arranges MOX (Mobile Open Exchange Zone) at world trade center. Here you saw the release of 81 investment projects which has worth Rs. 60000 cores. It is first Mox that laid in India. At the ground breaking ceremony projects are planned on the budget. To develop this project Uttar Pradesh government already signed.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi developed lots of projects to make India as digital India. It is an excellent plan for people to engage with new technology. The prime minister said that India was familiar with mobile manufacturing hub in these days. A wide range of people is using a smartphone to connect the latest trends. In the mobile phone technology, people have plenty of options to choose the best manufacture to purchase the product.

The Prime minister said India had turned into second largest mobile phone manufacturer over the world. This project helps people to use advanced mobile to get current updates of the world easily. At beginning of this month, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had inaugurated by Samsung electronics to expand the facility in Noida.

This project is going to develop over thirty five acres of the land. It is considered as world biggest mobile phone production unit. Huge numbers of electronic devices are rolled out by the company every month. All mobile phones are manufactured by using high quality of materials to offer the latest features and specifications to the users. In the ever changing world, the mobile phone is considered an essential one.

Everyone has a mobile phone to get more new things via the internet. MoX @ Techzone is one of the most popular ecosystems in the mobile phone field. It offers an integrated platform to all manufacturers, allied and research industries. In the press release, the company said more information on manufacturing the mobile phone. You might also view some essential detail of the mobile phone projects in some online site to invest in right way.

Plenty of manufacturing companies are available in India to offer a new mobile phone by using the latest technology. Now we are delighted of world trade center at Noida which offer more facility to the Mobile open exchange zone project. It is an ideal place that attracting investment and this area offers more benefits to the investors.

Alok said it is harness of potential greater Noida. It is a most suitable destination to start a project with no hassle. Most of the mobile manufacturing company prefers this location to develop mobile and electronics in the industry. You might also see more details of the project in some social networks. Noida assists manufacture to attain success in the industry and acquire more profits of the business. So, visit some social media platform to get complete information about Mobile open exchange zone.

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