Get Full Details of all Affordable Housing Scheme in Delhi NCR

Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojna
One of the basic necessities of an individual people is the house. The house is the security that allows the people to relax for the next day. Owning a new home is possibly the best achievement for the peoples in Delhi NCR. A government of India took the main step to ensure the people to get the affordable house within their financial abilities.
A house is one of the basic needs for the human’s life to stay in. It is the best place where the people’s soul and mind rejuvenates and relaxes for the next day. But still, this is the dream for a lot of peoples in India. The government of the India is initiated the main step in this area by declaring the scheme known as Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojna. The Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojna is the scheme that runs on nationwide to assure the people to get reasonable houses within their financial abilities. We designed the PMAY scheme into three phrases. A target of three phases of PMAY scheme is just a completion and development of Affordable Housing Delhi NCR.
 Phase I- The Phase I begin from the month of April 2015 to March 2017 and curdle the selected hundred cities of the country.
 Phase II- the Phase II starts from the month of April 2017 to March 2019 and curdles the selected two hundred cities of the country.
 Phase III- This phase is the final phase begin from the year of 2019 to 2022 and curdle all remaining cities of the country.
For a purpose of this PMAY scheme, EWS (economically weaker section) have been defined the people that having an income below three lakhs as per annum and the LIG(Low-income Group) as people having an income in between three lakhs to six lakhs as per annum. There are a huge number of advantages and benefits are available in this PMAY scheme. Affordable Housing Scheme is also likely to be a first estate class to promote a gloom in the residential sector leading to the improvement in markets on last two-quarters 2017. Get the full details of all Delhi Affordable Housing Scheme.