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Master Plan Delhi 2021
Urbanization on one hand has made the lives of people easy with modern technologies and on the other hand posed certain challenges. One of the biggest repercussions of urbanization in the capital city is the increasing population due to high migration. The increase in number of opportunities in Delhi has attracted people from various walks of life. Delhi presently has 1.7 crore people, of which it provides accommodation to 1.5 crore people. 80 lakh more people is expected to be added to these 1.7 crore people by the end of the year 2021.
The mission for DDA is to provide housing to the increasing population as well as fill up the existing deficit. This mission has been given incorporated in the Master Plan Delhi 2021. The vision of MPD-2021 is to provide shelter to all by the end of the year 2022.
To turn the vision of MPD-2021 into a hardcore reality, DDA came up with a land pooling policy. LPP enabled farmers to come up with their pieces of land and pool it for the development purpose. Once the pooled land is developed, 48-60% of the land is returned to the land owners.
A number of residential and commercial projects are being developed under the land pooling policy at affordable rates. The maximum number of projects is being developed in Dwarka, L-zone, which has the potential to develop 4-5 lakh housing units. DDA LPP projects are equipped with all the smart features and are being developed by reputed developers. DDA LPP is a consumer friendly portal, wherein Consultants and experts help you make a secure investment by providing all the detail on various projects, location advantages and best prices in the market.