DDA and LPP For Better Infrastructure In Delhi

Being the capital of India; Delhi has everything to make an Indian proud. From historic places to royal forts, foreign brands, to liberal-minded people, youth independence and what not! But the sad part is, this is only the side which is visible to everyone. Yes! There are other sides which are not seen properly. I’m talking about the urban areas of Delhi. One of such zone is the P2 Zone.

Area Of Work:

The P2 Zone in Delhi covers the northern part of Delhi that is bordered by Haryana, Yamuna River, outer ring road, NH1. The total area it covers includes 8534 Ha which will increase up to 19 lakhs in the coming years. To take the population in the count, urban extension plans are made to decrease the population density to 260-310 persons per Ha.  The government is looking for the betterment of this zone with its active organization; DDA and Land Pooling Policy.

DDA P2 Project:

The DDA P2 Zone will work for the betterment; by supplying the basic needs of the people. The crises in such areas are beyond our imagination. They don’t get the fresh water to drink, not a clean place for sanitation. But the DDA P2Zone projects are made by the government to pull people out from such misery.

Another plan that the government has made is the MPD 2021 with innovative ideas for making this are a happy living, comfortable and friendly zone. The MPD 2021 includes metro availabilities, authorization of the unauthorized buildings, availability of 24hrs water and electric supply, enough greenery for pollution control and so on.

Delhi LPP Organization:

Another organization is the Delhi Land Pooling Policy that claims in assembling small rural lands and re-building them to large parcels through re-adjustment. Their motives are almost the same as that of DDA.
To sum up hopes, we might see a huge difference in the coming years in the overall infrastructure of Delhi. Let us keep faith in the Government and their attempts to make India a better place.