A Roof For One And All In Delhi

Delhi Awas Yojna

Delhi is one of the busiest cities in India and is the center of trade and commerce it is densely populated too. People find it very difficult to find a house themselves. This has led a lot of people to feel fruitless and extremely depressed. This had made the government plan new schemes that would provide innovative and affordable housing systems for commoners all around the city. The Platinum Multi State CGHS has come up with unique solutions in the housing sector to propel the vision of the Master Plan 2021.

Cost Efficient Luxury –

Luxurious living does not always have to come with an expensive tag. This is what the Revanta housing group is trying to prove through their undying effort to provide homes to one all. As it has been already observed, that it is challenging for people as the days are passing to find houses, that will be affordable and meet their living standards. Revanta has hence development a genuinely distinctive plan which will be able to house a number of families. There are 360 units made available by the group which can be owned by anybody belonging to the private or the public sector. This is being acted upon due to the Delhi Awas Yojna.

Home For All In Delhi –

According to the Master Plan, it is the vision that all will be housed in Delhi by 2022, such has been stated by the Delhi Land Pooling Policy. This policy is catering to all the needs of a civilized society. Hence the entire infrastructure required for healthy living such as a hospital, road, and drainage are being worked upon.

The Land Pooling Policy in Delhi is truly a great dream to envision, which when turned to reality will give hope and relief to many.