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Why a Farm House Is a Necessity and Not a Luxury Anymore

We might be living in luscious societies with all the natural beauty surrounding us, but do we actually get to enjoy the essence of it? Some of us don’t even live in such societies but rather in bustling neighborhoods or right in the middle of the city where peace and quiet can only be dreamt about. We have busy schedules, busy lifestyles, and even busy neighborhoods. Where then is the time to relax? Or even if we do want to relax, can we do so with so much noise around? 

Under such circumstances, the only place we can enjoy peace and oneness with nature are our farm houses. A few years back, owning a Delhi Farmhouse was considered to be a luxury. But now, with the increasing levels of noise pollution and population, they have become more of a necessity. Why so? Because only in one’s farmhouse can one truly relax in the arms of nature. Otherwise, even if your house has a garden, either there is no time, or there is never the quietness required to enjoy the garden! 

As per the changes made in Master Plan Delhi (MPD) 2021, a farm house will now be called an LDRA Farm House, meaning a low-density residential area where the ground is so depleted that high-density population is not possible.  The LDRA Policy along with LPP (Land Pooling Policy) is aimed at providing better housing opportunities to people. 

So, thanks to these changes, owning a farmhouse, or rather an LDRA farm house is now much easier and affordable.  It’s time to let your necessity be fulfilled by surfing through LDRA plots and farmhouse now. Just get one booked and enjoy the essence of life!