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How RERA Consultants can Make Your Life Easier

The Real Estate Regulatory Act (RERA) was passed by Real Estate Agency of India. There have been many complaints against promoters and builders, mainly regarding their irresponsible behavior after the signing of contract. This act was passed to deal with all these complaints and resolve issues like delay in handing over houses to buyers, the faults present in societies and such.

The sole purpose of RERA is to make sure that the interests of the buyers are safeguarded and promoters and real estate agencies can provide good chances to them. RERA India aims at clearing the real estate sector of corruption and make proper information available to all sections of the society. Oftentimes, because of government inactivity or delay in action, promoters have to resort to unfair means so as not to lose the immense investments they make in projects. This adversely affects the buyers as well and must be stopped. RERA aims at doing just that. 

What RERA consultants do

The reality is that there are several rules and regulations made by the government, which if made available to the general public, there will be an increase in the transparency as well as the confidence buyers have in promoters and land sellers. The consultants at RERA are a body of trained individuals whose aim is to make available to the general public all these rules and regulations and make them aware of all information regarding real estate. 

Real Estate Regulatory Act has laid down many simple guidelines for real estate agents and promoters and also given buyers a place where they can find out about their basic rights. RERA Consultants have carried on thorough research of the rules and guidelines mentioned in the RERA India rule book that was released by the government.  They provide a platform where promoters, real estate agents, builders and buyers can all come together and reach a place of amicable compromise and coordination. They offer to their clients consulting services. They also allow agents to become a part of the organisation and sign up to be a 'RERA' agent.

Therefore, whether you’re a buyer, a promoter or a real estate agent, feel free to contact "RERA" to get an evaluation and be made aware of all the rights that you have regarding this issue.