Delhi Smart Cities

DDA Awas Yojna is What You Need and Here is Why

DDA Yojna 2017, or Delhi Dwarka Affordable Yojna 2017, offers affordable shelter to the thousands of upper-middle-class and middle-class families that reside in Delhi. Because of the ever increasing population of Delhi, the city has become very crowded and price of housing has increased. DDA Yojna 2017 aims at providing affordable housing just outside the city of Dwarka, in the extension.

What smart city means

Smart city is currently the talk of every town, mostly because of the Prime Minister’s vision to set up 100 smart cities all over the country. Smart cities aim at providing the citizens with quality life with the help of smart solutions like urban mobility, IT connections, solid waste management and also e-governance. 

DDA Smart City is going to be one of the first smart cities of the country. They will have cheap housing, assured electricity and water supply and also safety and security for the residents. 

How government officials an benefit from Adhikari Awas Yojna 

MPD 2021 aims at turning this city into a holistic city with proper aesthetic town planning, with special emphasis on beautification, sanitation and affordable housing. Another scheme under the MPD 2021 besides the DDA Smart City is the Adhikari Awas Yojna. This scheme aims at providing housing to government officials. 

There are many government officials in Delhi who come from various parts of the country, wanting to settle in the city. But because of the very high prices of land and housing, this becomes very difficult. Adhikari Awas Yojna aims towards providing affordable shelter to these officials so that they can settle here and live comfortably. This project provides proper connectivity to the expressway, is well connected by roads, and also offers metro connectivity. This project is the most beneficial for those who are looking for post-retirement settling plans and is specifically geared towards providing housing to the employees of the government sector. 

Adhikari Awas Yojna and DDA Awas Yojna under the MPD 2021 are your best option if you are looking for affordable and secure housing in the city. They come with various amenities, are well connected and are very affordable.