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Adhikari Awas Yojna-Dream Home for Officers

An Officer dedicates his whole life to the country. While they are at work, they are given the best facilities and housing conditions but just like every common people dream about having their own house, they have dreams too. They plan it to fulfil after their retirement. But, the world has changed a lot and their dreams are crushed by the sky rocketing prices. In order to fulfil their dream of having a home in Delhi/NCR, Adhikari Awas Yojana or the Officer’s Housing Scheme has been started to promote the idea of Delhi Affordable Housing by DDA. 

This is to help those officers who are eager to have their home near or in Delhi after their retirement with the same kind of benefits they were used to. With the announcement of MPD 2021, the area adjacent to Dwarka sub-city was approved by the government in order to provide affordable housing to all by the year 2022. 

The best thing about this scheme is that the opportunities and the benefits provided in this are countless. Whether it about the education or health facilities, or the top class sports facilities. Moreover, the area is well connected to the major parts like Gurgaon, South Delhi and Indira Gandhi International Airport. One of the key remarkable feature of this scheme is the Asia’s Biggest Golf Course which is developed by DDA and have some other indoor and outdoor facilities too. 

The planners have kept in mind all the important and the basic requirements of the officers. Every aspect like the security, their comfort, parking, electricity etc. and their affordability too has been under their consideration, so that they don’t have to look for any other place. All this to ensure that no officer faces any kind of problem and feels satisfied that his wish has finally come true of having an own home. 

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