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Why owning your own House right now is the Best Decision

Since the last few years, Delhi has witnessed an exponential growth both around it and within it as well. Apart from the growth in the IT sector, the real estate has witnessed a tremendous boom within the National Capital Region(NCR). The influx of people seeking for a place to stay has dramatically risen leading to an issue that has always been a challenging proposition: Owning a house in Delhi. With the rocketing prices per square foot, it seems that the current scenario leaves no scope for the middle class households to own a home. However, nothing could have been more further from the truth. With the launch of CGHS flats, affordable housing in Delhi has been turned into possibility.

Developed in accordance with the Master Plan Delhi 2021, the housing units in Dwarka Diplomatic Enclave cater to the specific group that is being left feeling alienated in this extravagant real estate market.  With prices that are extremely affordable for one and all, affordability has been successfully married to quality. With security being the primary concern for many, the three-tiered structure put in place has ensured that the concern of a prospective owner remains which house to choose rather than why to choose. 

In addition to the security being provided, the world-class facilities adorning the CGHS flats in Delhi live up to the expectations of the residents seeking a world-class lifestyle for them and their families. The connectivity is another big plus. Being developed in Dwarka sector two, the connectivity via metro and buses along with other local transportation options result in an uninterrupted connectivity to all the places you wish to visit any time of your liking.

But the cherry of the cake has to be the reservation of thirty-three percent of the flats for women in a clear attempt to empower the other half. Thus, owning a house right now in Delhi is the best decision that one can take.